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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 3, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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with your news edge at 6. the storm force getting started off the top at 6. powerful storms packing a punch and rolling through the area right now. here's more on the update on the latest on the watches and warnings. sue. >> reporter: the worst of the storm are now to the east of us. they have been moving rapidly this afternoon. they have had very heavy rain and lots of lightning and a lot of reports of trees coming down. that is typical fare but a few spots here and there have had large hail. straight to radar we go to see where the storms are now and the strongest from pasadena to annapolis, chesapeake beach and east of la plata. let's get in close or some of those getting over to the eastern shore and heads up on route 50. the storms are moving east at 25 to 30 miles per hour, blinding rain as they come on through. perhaps a little bit of hail here and there and from huntington to golden beach, saint leonard, they are also
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headed no your direction and the next 30 minutes around the district, we're just about out of it. but i wanted to -- show you where we well have severe thunderstorm warnings at this hour, including prince georges county until 6:15, anne arundel county to 6:15. charles county, your warning is at 6:15 and calvert o. the eastern shore, they're going longer for talbot and caroline county and queen anne and kept county. as we look at -- kent county. as we look at a bigger picture and the storms are roaring through the area with 92 degrees heat and lots of humidity, we watch to the west. there is a line of storms trying to get it back together. it could be here later. we're going to watch that closely through the half hour and let you know if that line is strengthening or weakening. shawn. the full forecast in a few minutes. >> all right, we'll see you then, sue. now to a developing story that could impact your commute home and it's not weather- related.
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a serious accident is snarling traffic nat district. what is the situation there? >> reporter: the road has been shut down and directing traffic from here. this is where two dump trucks were involved in the accident. it was here at the sec of road and you can see where it's been damaged. he flipped over and right now, down the way here, you can see that they're in the process of getting ready to tow that dump truck now. we're going to walk over here so you can get a better angle of the dump truck. they're trying to hook it up and having problems because the front end is badly damaged. they're in the process of -- they removed another truck. in the meantime, this section of road has been closed down until they get this cleared up. joining us now is paratrooper -- pete from d.c. fire and e.m.s. what you can tell bus this accident? >> earlier, there was a huge response out here. we had two dump instructions -- trucks and two drivers, one in
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the vehicle for 15 or 20 minutes and it was a large response from d.c. fire e.m.s., two rescue squads. we brought our heavy tow truck into the scene with hazmat and fire and e.m.s. personnel. the response, fortunately, the injuries are even though they're what we call priority one, they're serious and life- threatening. we about did bring the helicopter from the u.s. park police here as l. two people transported in serious condition. the road is still closed but the road crews are doing a great job. we had two heavy-duty trucks, two dump trucks with their loads overturned, a big mess, really and traffic is with a major impact. in fact, along the one stretch of road between the beltway and pennsylvania avenue, we have had a number of wrecks here this afternoon. >> a few minutes ago, you were talking about further down. >> as we were standing here southbound near the wilson bridge. earlier in the day, before this crash occurred, we had a couple near howard road and near the
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souza bridge. so, it was -- has been a rough day for crews. not only the road crews, drivers, commuters but crews as well. >> they both have sand in them and you had to use this some kind of extraidation to get the, one of the drivers out of the truck? >> it did require extrication like you said, took 15 or 20 minutes and we're dealing with the fuel spent. >> uh-huh. >> and the hazmat teams were brought in. in fact, there was such a large debris field, the dump trucks, we thought that we had information there might have been another passenger. so we brought the search-and- rescue dog to step around -- of? around and there were no other victims. just the two people, the serious injuries, a large response by the public safety folks here along the prince georges county-d.c. border. >> i know it's early, any idea how long before this is back open and running? >> i think they're make something great progress. d-dot is here with the road crews. looks like they're struggling a bit and getting the dump truck on to a flatbed.
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it's heavily damaged. the road is, looks like it's in good shape to have brought sand trucks in to deal with the spill, fuel. looks like they will have to fix the guard rail and a couple of chunks of the road. uh-huh. >> and i think, you know, they should be able to, you know -- they're doing the best they can and might be a couple of hours. they have quit cleaned up pretty good. >> and thank you very much for talking with us. again, here at lab road and 295 northbound shut down. while they try to repair some parts of the road where the accident happened and try to remove one of the dump trucks here. we'll have more on the storiality 10. back to you in studio. >> thank you for the update tonight. >> how about good news from the gulf of mexico bp said it's a major step closer to capping the busted pipe that is leaking oil into the water. the crews finish sawing through the pipe today. as lisa lucero reports, it won't stop ompletely.
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>> for the first time in a couple of days, i have good news. >> reporter: after weeks of setbacks and failed attempts, crews catch a break as they try to get the upper hand on the epic oil leak. >> we cut the riser point. the next step is to put the containment cap over what is left of the riser pipe. >> reporter: that cut, though s jagged and getting a tight fit with the cap is difficult. engineers say even if this works, crude will continue to gush into the gulf, meaning the disaster will continue to grow, along with criticism of bp, whose top officers say the company will be in the region for a longtime. >> bp will be here for a very long time. because our commitment is to work with the community's and societies of the gulf coast to give them back their livelihoods and their way of life as fast as we can. >> reporter: bp is working on a second plan to contain more oil and is expected to be in place some time next week. meantime, the white house
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announcing president obama will make a return trip to the gulf coast. the administration has come under fire for its handling of the situation. >> handling on the code jump not going fix a hole in the ocean. the american people, the citizens of the gulf are expecting our results. >> reporter: this will be the president's third trip here since the oil trig explosion in april killed 11 -- oil rig explosion in april killed learn people. this is the state's worst disaster in american history. >> in maryland, state police are looking for the driver who hit and killed a construction work or route 50 early this morning. he was placing equipment on the highway near bay dell drive around 1:00 a.m. when he was hit not once but twice. the driver of the tractor- trailer who hit him did stop but the driver of the first car kept on going. the maryland state highway administration offered their copdealens to the family. he was work for example them as a contractor.
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a bizarre accident. the police say a man was just stopped in the fight, slammed his car into three parked vehicles and collapsed behind the wheel and died. the police identified mario zamora as the suspect in the stabbing. the victim's name has not been made public. a metro bus drive or the job still after being sentenced for pushing a woman down a set of stairs. that woman was a would-be metro passenger. fox 5s john henrehan reports that both sides are sharing the blame for this one. >> reporter: the story begins at the brookland metro stop. a woman waiting for a bus last june felt a bus driver slighted her for failing to stop as show waited at a shelter. before the bus's leave the station area, many of them including the bus? section, come to a strop. the woman approached the driver's side of the bus and through the open window, spit on the driver. the enraged driver through the bus into park and got out. the woman ran away toward a marble stairway that leads into
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the stations. here, the stories diverge. an independent witness testified at trial that the 45- year-old bus driver, terrence clark, pushed the woman down the stairs. she landed in the middle of the stairwell breaking her leg. at trial, the defense denied that the driver pushed the woman. >> her momentum, her running away from me had her fall, so what the government -- was testify that he said he saw it. a heavyset african-american man shove a heavyset african- american woman down the stairs. >> did you ever shove her? >> no. >> the jury believes the victim and the independent witness finding the metro bus driver guilty of sexual assault with significant bodily injury. the prosecution asks for six months in prison, the defense for probation. clark apologized in court and the judge compromised with the sentence of six months at a halfway house. retired metro bus driver said that assaults on bus drivers
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are, unfortunately, common. >> i got spit on, cursed at, all called all sorts of names. >> reporter: the halfway house sentence for clark will allow him to reman a bus driver. metro initially filed teens clark, he filed a grievance and after eight months unpaid suspicion, the transit agency re-enstated the bus driver. a spokesman for metro couldn't immediately explain why metro changed its mind about the firing of a driver who tangled with a passenger who spit on him. john henrehan, fox 5 news. next at 6, the man suspected in natalie holloway's disappearance arrested, this time for a murder in peru. the new spot where red light cameras will be targeting dangerous drivers. and a woman claims she was fired for being too sexy. hear how she's new firing back. 
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>> look closely there, that is casey anthony taking a tumble outside of the courtroom after her restraints tangled her up. she missed a pretrial hearing because of the fall. she's charged with murdering her 2-year-old daughter outside of orlando, florida, in 2008. her trial will start next may. the international manhunt is over. police in peru detained van der sloot. he was arrested twice in the 'tis a -- disappearance of natalee holloway in aruba. he's the prime suspect in the murder of a 21-year-old woman over the weekend. stephanie flores' body was found yesterday in his hotel room. the videotape shows the pair together at a casino in lima early on sunday and later entering the hotel together at 5 a.m. >> [speaking in native tongue] [ through translator ] >> a few minutes ago, were told officially this person, this dutch citizens, was found on route 68. >> flores was killed five years to the day after natalee holloway's disappearance and van der sloot was never charged
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in the case but remans the top suspect. holloway's body has never been found. the woman who claims she was fired for being too good looking. is she too sexy for the workplace. and sue has an update on the severe storms after the break. stay with us.
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>> here's a question for i. is this woman too sexy for work? shores suing a former employer because she said the guy couldn't handle the looks. >> a, honestly couldn't believe it. i was in shock. >> reporter: 33-year-old debra lee lauren donna said this work outfit is the same type of clothing that two of her male bosses at city bank told her was too hot, too sexy and they could not concentrate when she was around. >> you feel that for me i was allowed to wear turtle necks,
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pencil skirts, suits. basically what every woman in new york wears to go to work because, their exact words for, i drew too much attention. >> reporter: the single mother said she worked at the city bank branch in the chrysler building. according to lauren zana, her male bosses routinely harassed her but not her female colleagues, who she said actually wore inappropriate clothing. >> they're showing their clovage, they're wearing miniskirts, dresses. >> you were not doing any of that, you're say something. >> no, not at all. >> reporter: lauren zana said she called human resources numerous times to try to get a transfer to another branch. i called them. i didn't get any responses from them. >> reporter: ultimately, she said she was transferred but then fired last summer and now she's suing city bank for discrimination. -- citibank for discrimination and has another job at another bank. >> i'm working in the industry still in banking, wearing the same clothes that i wore at citibank and no problem.
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college for citibank, the company claims the lawsuit has no merit. we have a warning for drivers in arlington. red light cameras are going up in four intersects. they'll be up and running in few -- on intersections. they'll be up and running in few weeks. the cameras are at glee road and fairfax drive and lee highway at north lynn street, fort meyer drive and washington boulevard. and you can tell when they're coming up on the camera. going long at a fairly regular speed and all of a sudden, everyone -- . >> oh, yeah. >> and -- . >> they're working big time. >> and going down. >> the other people have saved me, too. >> yes, thank you. how about all of those storms rolling through? are we on the tail end? yes, very much so and they're to the east. the only question we have about tonight, is there going to be another weaker line coming later. not sure yet we're watching that closely and starting you out on radar. you can see why where the storms are. i imagine they cancelled a few
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practices and swim teams. loaded with lightning and moving quickly as they came racing through our area and you can see the primary line is all through is the bay. let's get you in tighter. i know some of the warnings have changed. out to annapolis we go and this is across the bay bridge. so, hope you're being, if anybody is driving on it, you're being so careful. we slide down the line and you can see this is just east of chesapeake beach and down to leonardtown and saint mary's. waldorf is playing the light inspection up for you and western portions of charles county and here in the district, we are seeing this really getting ready to clear the regions and one last stop with the wider picture and you can see not much on the to our west, although we got pounded as the line was coming on through and we're going to show you max hd satellite and radar putting it in motion here. the early part of the line as we go to max, this is, we actually wanted to start truevow. i wanted to see where the warnings are now and this is getting better. the yellow areas are the
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warnings. saint mary's, 6:45 and that is going to last for you. we have more on the eastern shore. and let's go back to max hd satellite and radar and follow the order i first gave you guys. the storms now moving east at 25 miles per hour and you just are about out of it. this is the question we have. still a piece of energy through pennsylvania. this is getting close to interstate 70, 76 and is that going to hold together and still affect some of our northern and western suburbs later tonight? we're going to watch that closely and if we see something coming, we'll warn you across the stop of the screen and on where we urge you to send your weather pictures. we heard about trees coming down. here's some, and this is one of the good parts. 92 for the high today and you can see on the max hd 5, there down to 73 degrees, gaithersburg is 68. that is a 17-20 degrees cooling off that we had where you did not get thunderstorms earlier. say in hagerstown and may have that batch coming, 81 degrees
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still. most area now is rain-cooled and leonardtown, it's heading in your direction as well. i wish i could tell you at the beginning of the change. a change is coming and it's not coming tomorrow. it's going to be 90 again tomorrow. that was a record-tieing 89 we hit at dulles and it will be humid on saturday at 88 degrees. both of these days and even into sunday. we have to say a few storms to dodge. i don't think they'll be as widespread tomorrow or severe. saturday and send, watching the lone for you. big changes on sunday. we have a stronger front coming and must know that strassberg is make the major league debut. monday and tuesday look fantastic. the best weather i have seen in a long time. we remain under a thunderstorm watch until 9:00 and let you know if that is cancelled early. scattered strong storms moving east and staying humid, unfortunately, 72 degrees. tomorrow, it's another warm, humidky day and up to 90 again, scattered storms in the afternoon. not as widespread or strong as what we saw today and this is your five-day forecast. and you can see that we're
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talking about 88 degrees for saturday. scattered storms for sunday, too, and got to let you know. saturday, we were outlooked for the possibility of strong storms. you may need to watch your dies -- skies on saturday afternoon. a few more on sunday, sunday looks busy to be honest and that is the vacuum cleaner, shawn. that is the orec of the frontal system coming through. gets rid of the humid and the temperatures, look at monday and tuesday. low humidity and gorgeous weather. >> that is perfect. >> that is great for our sports guys who are all over tuesday's big nats games. feldy is here. >> i am with him. my hair blows up. i will be happy the humidity is gone. good news for us. >> we're in good shape. >> yes. >> a few more warnings left. >> okay. that is good news. >> thank you, sue. still ahead here at 6, steven strassberg, his final aaa start today. we'll show you how he did before going to d.c. we'll be right back.
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>> goofing, i'm dave feldman. the commissioner said he will
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not reverse the umpire's blown car yesterday that cost tigers' pitcher galarraga a important game. yesterday's call that cost a perfect game can't be changed n. buffalo, the final aaa appearance for one steven strassberg. five innings, five strikeouts, three hits, no runs, three walks and the final aaa numbers staggering. 38 strikeouts and 33 and a third inninga with a 1.08 e.r.a. and traceberg, of course, will make the next start in front of a bigger -- strassberg, of course, will make the next start in front of a bigger crowd. and drama on the bottom of the 9th in houston. nats up 4-2. guzman is in right. an infielder claiming the outfielder with an error and tied at 4. the next batter and puts one in. a walkoff 2-run homer.
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the nats lose the third in a row to the astros, 6-4 is the final tally. pro golfing town for the nationwide presence georges county open. maryland hoops coach gary williams is the honorary host. fearing the turtle is something that needs to be said and respected. jonathan vegas had it going. the birdie putt on 13. he ended his day tied for third at 6-under par. shot of the day, matthew horcher on 17. the par-3, playing 119-yards and almost aces it. sadly, he had -- 4-over 75. skin kendall is a three-time nationwide tour winner, four- time pga tour winner, a 3-under 68 for skip and playing with me on tuesday's pro-am didn't mess him up too bad. hey, skip. >> i got off to a slow start. made a couple of bogies off the bat and came on the last 10 holes. i think i played in 5-under and so, if i can keep that momentum
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going tomorrow, hopefully the better scores and so, we'll see. 3-under, i'll take it at the end of the day. i would have taken it in a heartbeat and i am pleased with it. >> patrick sheehan is your leader at 8-under par and to jack nicholas's tournament. -- jack nicklaus' tournament. the approach out of the rough on 6 and off the sprinkler head and bounces over the gallery. take another look. this is one heck of a bounce that will lead to a bogy. tiger even par for the day through 10 holes. justin rose is the clubhouse leader at 7-under par. back to you, shawn. tigers having a rough day. >> thank you, feldy. he's been having a rough year. and now you have the news edge. we'll see you back here on fox 5 news at 10.
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